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Re: [Xen-API] FreeBSD on XenCloud

Hi all,

Fist of all thanks a lot for all you're help. In FreeBSD I have xentools (xenstore-*… xen-detect and that stuff) as port for being able to install it without issues. Reading the source code of Xenserver have seen that the only checks Xencenter and Xen Api does for allowing you to use xenservertools advantages (pausing, rebooting...) is basically to check 3 or 4 key's data…. concretely : 

In xenserver 6.0.0 you can do : 

- Obtain the xen domu id : 

xe vm-list uuid='machine's UUID' params=dom-id --minimal

- get that number and replace below in {XEN-DOMU-ID} gaps….

xenstore-write /local/domain/{XEN-DOMU-ID}/attr/PVAddons/MajorVersion 6 /local/domain/{XEN-DOMU-ID}/attr/PVAddons/MinorVersion 0 /local/domain/{XEN-DOMU-ID}/attr/PVAddons/MicroVersion 0 /local/domain/{XEN-DOMU-ID}/data/updated 1

Basically… xen api checks you to have the three numbers of the version 6, 0 and 0 in the three keys mentioned apart than updated to 1….

this way…. seems that if you have a freebsd xenhvm kernel and xenserver tools and are able to do a xen-detect for example…. unless suspending, rebooting and shutting down the machine… works… I'm doing more checks….

Christian… thanks a lot mate for you're help… but think it's not going to be necessary :) :) but very thankful about that :) :)

I'll tell you how my tests are going….

Gonna check all this in Xencloud and see if it allows me moving vm's based of FreeBSD and so :) :)


El 24/05/2012, a las 16:08, Christian Fischer escribió:

On Thursday 24 May 2012 11:43:49 Anil Madhavapeddy wrote:
On 24 May 2012, at 09:49, Mike McClurg wrote:
On 22/05/12 15:09, Egoitz Aurrekoetxea Aurre wrote:
Hi all,

Just for confirming it… I have been taking a look at XenServerTools and
the script's code and so… and after looking how Xen works with FreeBSD
(which seems to be pretty happy with XENHVM 64 bit kernel just it
unless in Xen4)… I have determined that basically the XenCloud and
XenServer should have something to block the machine movement, snapshot
and this kind of features basically from Xen… because for example the
machine suspend/resume works out of the box with the XENHVM kernel and
a Xen 4 host kernel. Perhaps can be an XML in where you have a variable
or whatever, wherever that allows or blocks to Xen API (Xencenter)
doing this kind of features?. I got of course xenstore-* working
apparently fine in FreeBSD domU.

Could anyone please give me an idea??.

If FreeBSD can run as a PV guest on plain Xen, then it should be able to
run as a PV guest on XCP. You'll have to install it as an HVM guest, and
then convert it to PV as follows:

# xe vm-param-set uuid=$vm HVM-boot-policy=
# xe vm-param-set uuid=$vm PV-bootloader=pygrub

And you'll have to make sure that the FreeBSD VM loads all the
appropriate Xen drivers. I haven't tried this yet myself with FreeBSD.

The XENHVM 64-bit FreeBSD is an HVM guest with PV drivers, so these steps
would prevent it from booting.

I think he's just looking for the xe guest utilities to write the
appropriate key into xenstore (although I'm not sure as I couldn't fully
parse the e-mail).

I've packaged xs-tools for NexentaStor today, works perfect. I've no
experiences with FreeBSD, and I've no FreeBSD handy, but I think I can assist
you. Can you give me ssh access to a FreeBSD vm?



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