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Re: [Xen-API] FreeBSD on XenCloud

On 24 May 2012, at 09:49, Mike McClurg wrote:

> On 22/05/12 15:09, Egoitz Aurrekoetxea Aurre wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Just for confirming it… I have been taking a look at XenServerTools and the 
>> script's code and so… and after looking how Xen works with FreeBSD (which 
>> seems to be pretty happy with XENHVM 64 bit kernel just it unless in Xen4)… 
>> I have determined that basically the XenCloud and XenServer should have 
>> something to block the machine movement, snapshot and this kind of features 
>> basically from Xen… because for example the machine suspend/resume works out 
>> of the box with the XENHVM kernel and a Xen 4 host kernel. Perhaps can be an 
>> XML in where you have a variable or whatever, wherever that allows or blocks 
>> to Xen API (Xencenter) doing this kind of features?. I got of course 
>> xenstore-* working apparently fine in FreeBSD domU.
>> Could anyone please give me an idea??.
> If FreeBSD can run as a PV guest on plain Xen, then it should be able to run 
> as a PV guest on XCP. You'll have to install it as an HVM guest, and then 
> convert it to PV as follows:
> # xe vm-param-set uuid=$vm HVM-boot-policy=
> # xe vm-param-set uuid=$vm PV-bootloader=pygrub
> And you'll have to make sure that the FreeBSD VM loads all the appropriate 
> Xen drivers. I haven't tried this yet myself with FreeBSD.

The XENHVM 64-bit FreeBSD is an HVM guest with PV drivers, so these steps would 
prevent it from booting.

I think he's just looking for the xe guest utilities to write the appropriate 
key into xenstore (although I'm not sure as I couldn't fully parse the e-mail).


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