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Re: [Xen-API] FreeBSD on XenCloud

On 22/05/12 15:09, Egoitz Aurrekoetxea Aurre wrote:
Hi all,

Just for confirming it… I have been taking a look at XenServerTools and the script's code and 
so… and after looking how Xen works with FreeBSD (which seems to be pretty happy with XENHVM 64 bit 
kernel just it unless in Xen4)… I have determined that basically the XenCloud and XenServer should 
have something to block the machine movement, snapshot and this kind of features basically from Xen… 
because for example the machine suspend/resume works out of the box with the XENHVM kernel and a Xen 4 host 
kernel. Perhaps can be an XML in where you have a variable or whatever, wherever that allows or blocks to 
Xen API (Xencenter) doing this kind of features?. I got of course xenstore-* working apparently fine in 
FreeBSD domU.

Could anyone please give me an idea??.

If FreeBSD can run as a PV guest on plain Xen, then it should be able to run as a PV guest on XCP. You'll have to install it as an HVM guest, and then convert it to PV as follows:

# xe vm-param-set uuid=$vm HVM-boot-policy=
# xe vm-param-set uuid=$vm PV-bootloader=pygrub

And you'll have to make sure that the FreeBSD VM loads all the appropriate Xen drivers. I haven't tried this yet myself with FreeBSD.


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