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[Xen-API] Connect to XCP/Ubuntu12.04 with Xencenter

  • To: xen-api@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • From: Sum Thai Wong <wsumthai@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 14 May 2012 14:54:22 +0800
  • Delivery-date: Sun, 20 May 2012 03:01:44 +0000
  • List-id: User and development list for XCP and XAPI <xen-api.lists.xen.org>

I have followed this tutorial to setup the XCP toolstack (Project Kronos) on a 
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS minimal server (installed using mini.iso)

For network bridging, I have chosen to use the openvswitch mode. After 
installation, two bridges were automatically created(xenbr0 and xenbr1) as I 
have two ethernet interfaces (eth0 and eth1). Using the command "xe 
pif-param-list uuid=….", I checked that the first pif was designated as the 
management interface. This interface has a static IP, gateway but no DNS. The 
second pif was unconfigured. I had intended to connect with XenCenter to 
continue the setup steps to create the storage repository(SR) but the 
connection could not be created although I can ping the Xen host. The host 
firewall has been turned off.

Hence I have the following questions:
1. Is it necessary to create the SR before I can connect with XenCenter?
2. I can't access the network (internal and external) from Dom0 via the 
management interface. Is this by design? Do I have to setup the second 
interface for Dom0 to gain network connectivity?
3. What user should I use to connect with XenCenter? I have tried using root, 
but is this the same account as the system root? In this case, neither my root 
password or null password work.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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