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Re: [Xen-API] xen-api on debian not updating xenstore?

On 11/05/12 17:25, John Weber wrote:

Thanks, adding that key allowed me to create and start a VM
successfully. That gets me over that hurdle.

Of course, when I reboot the server that key disappears. I don’t see a
xenopsd service on my system anywhere… should that get installed as part
of xcp-xapi? I noticed a couple other wrinkles like I don’t see any
entries in the xenstore for the dom0 console and I am unable to connect
to the dom0 console via xencenter. Maybe this is all related?

xenopsd is a new daemon that doesn't exist on Debian yet. The next release of xapi is almost complete, so we'll start work on creating Debian packages for the new xapi soon.


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