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[Xen-API] xen-api on debian not updating xenstore?

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  • Date: Wed, 9 May 2012 13:57:39 -0400
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  • Thread-topic: xen-api on debian not updating xenstore?

I’ve been working on getting xen-api working on Debian Wheezy. I followed the installation instructions and have gotten to the point where I can connect to the server with XenCenter and attempt to create a VM. I create a VM from the Debian Squeeze template (or any other for that matter), but I can’t get it to start. The error in the log is:


Internal error: the device disappeared from xenstore (frontend (domid=1|kind=vbd|devid=51712); backend (domid=0|kind=vbd|devid=51712))


Poking around a bit I noticed that my xenstore looks suspiciously empty:


root@debian:/home/jweber# xenstore-ls

tool = ""

xenstored = ""

local = ""

domain = ""

  0 = ""

   name = "Domain-0"

   memory = ""

    dynamic-min = "1168384"

    dynamic-max = "1168384"

mh = ""

boot-time = ""

  management-mac-address = "00:04:4b:05:56:14"


Seems pretty clear that I messed something up during the install, but I couldn’t find any obvious errors in the log files pointing me in the right direction. I’ve tried reinstalling a couple times now eventually arriving at the same blocking point. Any words of wisdom from the experts would be greatly appreciated.




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