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Re: [Xen-API] About project zeus

Il 07/05/2012 16:30, David Nalley ha scritto:
Hi all,
a few months ago I started to rebuild "kronos" on centos 6. After months of
inactivity I would like to resume and I see that meanwhile was born the
project Zeus: where can I find what has been done on this project? Is still


It's still alive, but not terribly active. At least 2 of the folks (me
being one) who were working on Zeus have had our time severely limited
by other $dayjob distractions. Essentially we've done a bit of the
packaging work to get some of the packages into Fedora (and thus easy
to make the transition into EPEL, even though EL currently is without
the kernel bits). Still plenty of work to do on the packaging front,
and we'd welcome help.

Hi David,
I have your same problem. I hope that I will have some time for this. My target is rhel, but fedora is more affordable, on epel also lack ocaml and other dependencies.
Happy to help, if I can.


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