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Re: [Xen-API] Which API for Xen performance metrics

rrd_updates gives you the info for the VMs resident on the host on which you 
make the request. We don't get the master to aggregate all of the updates for 
all hosts; that would be very inefficient :-)


On 28 Oct 2011, at 01:25, Vikas Aggarwal wrote:

>>> but it seems a bit weird to be using RRD for performance counters. 
>> Yes, XCP and XenServer use RRD to capture performance metrics. The page
>> you found above gives a decent explanation of how to capture
>> performance metrics in XCP/XenServer.
> Hmm, so I am working with the vm_rrd and the rrd_updates calls
> (http://<server>/rrd_updates). My requirements are simple (I think) - just
> get the CPU load for every active VM on the server every minute or so.
> I just want the updates, not the entire rrd database in each call so I tried
> to use the rrd_updates call.
> But this call gives me data for ALL the vms, and interestingly only for the
> first 7 VMs on the system (not all the 40 VMs on the system). There is no
> way to specify data for a single VM in rrd_updates
> TO get the data for the remaining VMs, I have to iterate through each VM and
> call vm_rrd which gives me a dump of the entire database (highly
> inefficient).
> Cant I get rrd_update for each VM (or can I configure rrd_updates to give me
> data for all the VMs instead of the first 6-7 VMs?)
>       -vic
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