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Re: [Xen-API] Which API for Xen performance metrics

On 10/18/2011 07:41 AM, Vikas Aggarwal wrote:
Hi all,

I am trying to determine which is the preferred API to get performance
metrics for the Xen hypervisor AND also, what is the complete list of
performance metrics that are available for the Xen hypervisor (v5.6 and
newer) - trying to write a XenServer monitor in java.

First of all, please note that the Xen hypervisor is not the same thing as XenServer or XCP. Xen is a component of XenServer/XCP, much like the kernel of an operating system. Xen has it's own low-level APIs which are distinct from those of XCP or XenServer.

XCP is an open source clone of XenServer, and documentation referring to XenServer will also apply to XCP. The current version of XCP, XCP 1.1, is equivalent to XenServer 5.6 SP2. Both XCP and XenServer are complete virtualization management appliances, which come bundled with the Xen hypervisor and the XCP/XenServer XenAPI [1].

I saw a posting in April asking about this and the xend API going away, and
using XCP, but isn't there a non-XCP API which can give hypervisor metrics
for "normal XenServer" ?

xend is the Xen daemon for the Xen hypervisor, but this is not installed in XCP/XenServer, so you won't be using that API.

Lots of searching yielded
http://www.jansipke.nl/getting-xenserver-vm-metrics-in-java  but it seems a
bit weird to be using RRD for performance counters. There seem to be a lot
of well defined performance metrics for VMware, but cannot find a clean
solution for XenServer.

Any definitive answer would be great since I cannot seem to find one.

Yes, XCP and XenServer use RRD to capture performance metrics. The page you found above gives a decent explanation of how to capture performance metrics in XCP/XenServer. Unfortunately, this aspect of XCP/XenServer is not very well documented.

The best documentation I've found so far is this [2] page, which explains XCP/XenServer's RRD API, and how to use the metrics. Hopefully this page will answer your questions.


[1] http://docs.vmd.citrix.com/XenServer/6.0.0/1.0/en_gb/api/
[2] http://community.citrix.com/display/xs/Using+XenServer+RRDs

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