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Re: [Xen-API] legacy vbds and new vdis

Tom Wilkie wrote:
> If you use the new xm which creates stuff via the XenAPI, then a vdi
> is created.  If you look at tools/python/xen/xm/xenapi_create.py
> theres code that basically already does this, but in xm.

Right, I have vdis created when xm is using XenAPI.  However xm does not
use XenAPI by default.

> If you want to put this into xend for the old api, then I think that
> would be fine, but we're going to deprecate and eventually remove the
> old SXP based interface.

Hmm...  Don't know if I want to waste time creating a patch that will be
short-lived.  Are there any reasons not to have xm using XenAPI?  I.e.
what issues might I encounter if I put the following in xm-config.xml
and xend-config.sxp respectively?

  <server type='Xen-API'
          uri='httpu:///var/run/xend/xen-api.sock' />

(xen-api-server ((unix none)))

I have not encountered any issues (yet) running with this configuration,
but have only used a fraction of available commands.


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