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Re: [win-pv-devel] Windows 10 domU is unstable with PV Bus Driver

Hi Paul,

> Cool. Probably best to check back after a while and make sure it hasn't gone 
> up from 174 after a reasonable amount of use to try to spot any potential 
> leak before it actually takes your VM down.

I have 2 "tail -f" to track xenstored-access.log & qemu-dm-win10.log.
They didn't show anything else after the 174 grant request was issued.

However, I managed to have the whole computer (i.e. including dom0) to reboot!
I was locally connected (through a vswitch & through rdesktop to the
domU. After a while, it stopped responding. I tried to connect through
the VNC interface but Windows denied the access saying the user was
already involved in an RDP connection.
Before the reboot, the dom0 was behaving normally and nothing was
added into the logs.

It also happened twice before I increased the gnttab_max_frames value
(and I'm quite sure I was also rdesktop-ing to the domU).

The command I use is:
rdesktop -u $USER -x 0x80 -g workarea -r disk:share=$HOME/rdp-share -r
sound:off $XENIP

> Fair enough. 174 frames is a massive number of grants; I'm surprised the VM 
> wants to use that many. How many PV network and storage interfaces so you 
> have (and how many vcpus in your guest)?

A single PV network and 4 vcpus.

Here is my config:

boot = "c"
device_model_args=[ "-trace", "enable=xen_platform_log" ]
disk = [ '/dev/vg_sda/lv_win10,raw,hda,w' ]
keymap = "fr"
memory = 3800
name = "win10"
usb = 1
usbctrl = [ 'type=devicemodel,version=3' ]
usbdevice = [ 'tablet' ]
vcpus = 4
vif = [ 'script=vif-openvswitch,bridge=ovsbr0,mac=00:16:3e:35:fd:24' ]
vnc = 1

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