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Re: [win-pv-devel] Windows 10 domU is unstable with PV Bus Driver


>   The problem is not necessarily xenvbd per se; it is trying to make full use
> of your backend's capability. I can only assume things worked for you before
> the frontend update because you were getting close to the limit but not quite
> exceeding it (because of timing or the frontends not trying to fill the rings 
> so
> much). There is the possibility of a reference leak though so could you try
> increasing your grant frame limit again and see if things stabilise?

So I increased to 380, and it seems to be OK:
The logs filled up to 174 and then stopped. And the domU is still
operating properly!

GNTTAB: MAP XENMAPSPACE_grant_table[171] @ 00000000.f20ac000
XENBUS|GnttabExpand: added references [00015600 - 000157ff]
XENBUS|RangeSetPop: fail2
XENBUS|RangeSetPop: fail1 (c000009a)
GNTTAB: MAP XENMAPSPACE_grant_table[172] @ 00000000.f20ad000
XENBUS|GnttabExpand: added references [00015800 - 000159ff]
XENBUS|RangeSetPop: fail2
XENBUS|RangeSetPop: fail1 (c000009a)
GNTTAB: MAP XENMAPSPACE_grant_table[173] @ 00000000.f20ae000
XENBUS|GnttabExpand: added references [00015a00 - 00015bff]
XENBUS|RangeSetPop: fail2
XENBUS|RangeSetPop: fail1 (c000009a)
GNTTAB: MAP XENMAPSPACE_grant_table[174] @ 00000000.f20af000
XENBUS|GnttabExpand: added references [00015c00 - 00015dff]

As soon as I have more time, I'll try to understand this Grant Table
thing. But right now, I just want to use my domU! ;-)

Thanks again

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