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Re: [Xen-users] Booting dom0 on OMAP5432 board

>> Iâve used the latest xen and linux git tree when writing the wiki.
>> Here is a hack to make dom0 write to the hvc console directly (canât
>> remember why I didnât put it on wikiâ).
> IIRC, this patch is to just enable earlyprintk for dom0. Without this patch,
> the normal printk should work also.
> Baozi

Thanks Boazi, Ian.

I applied the earlyprintk patch to the most recent kernel, 3.15.0-rc5.
 The earlyprintk patch doesn't give me any more information, but it
looks like it's getting stuck inside panic_smp_self_stop().  The
combination that I'm using now is kernel 3.15.0-rc5 with the most
recent Xen bits.  Any suggestions?

0xc003a158 is in panic_smp_self_stop (kernel/panic.c:58).
53 * Stop ourself in panic -- architecture code may override this
54 */
55 void __weak panic_smp_self_stop(void)
56 {
57 while (1)
58 cpu_relax();
59 }
61 /**
62 * panic - halt the system

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