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Re: [Xen-users] NetBSD: xen-4.4.0-release Failed to open connection to gnttab

On 05/05/14 05:36, bobbisanchez@xxxxxx wrote:
> after 12+ Hours of waiting and tried 4 times to send this email to the
> xen port of the netbsd mailing and the message did not shown up i will
> try here.
> Hi,
> i dont know if this is the right list here for asking, sorry if not.
> i was trying to get xen-4.4.0 from the sources running under NetBSD
> 6.1.3 amd64 cause there is no XEN-4.4-x port in pkgsrc,
>  i would give all the stuff what is needed for a newer port to the
> Mintainer if i am able to get XEN-4.4.x running.
> but i am trying to start the xencommons script from rc.d it complains,
> see the message
> root# /etc/rc.d/xencommons onestart
> Cleaning xenstore database.
> Starting xenservices: xenstored, xenconsoled.WARNING: Failed to open
> connection to gnttab

This is perfectly normal, NetBSD doesn't have a gntdev. It should not
affect much functionality, basically you won't be able to use Qdisk as a
disk backend.


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