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Re: [Xen-users] NIC PCI-Passthrough problems (PV domU driver crashes)


> I have been trying to get NIC PCI Passthrough to work on Xen 4.3.0 and
> have hit a wall. On attaching the NIC the domU network driver (igb)
> crashes.

Is 4.3.0 the only version you have tried or did it used to work on an
older Xen?

> root@dom0:~# xl -f pci-attach 54 0000:05:00.1,permissive=1

What is the -f for? Are you working around some other issue?

xl complains that xend is running if /etc/init.d/xend exists.
Does it work if you list the device in the config file, i.e. do a cold
plug? (isolating to a hotplug only vs. a general issue is useful)

It might also be interesting to disable MSI for the guest, there's a
guest kernel commandline option I think, not sure what it is though,
maybe pci=nomsi or perhaps just nomsi?

Much thanks, pci=nomsi in the kernel command-line works perfectly.


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