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Re: [Xen-users] NIC PCI-Passthrough problems (PV domU driver crashes)

On Tue, 2013-08-06 at 18:13 +0530, Mark Jones wrote:

>         What is the -f for? Are you working around some other issue?
> xl complains that xend is running if /etc/init.d/xend exists.

xl complains that xend is running if xend is running. /etc/init.d/xend
can exist but not be run at startup. What xl actually checks for is some
lockfiles created by xend at start of day.

You can confirm with "ps aux" whether xend is running, if it is not then
there is a false positive in libxl's check (and I'll ask for some other
info if that is the case).

If xend is running then you really should arrange for it not to be (e.g.
"update-rc.d xend disable" I think).

xend and xl do not collaborate very well together, xend really needs to
not be running.


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