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Re: [Xen-users] Strengthening The Xen On-Ramp

On Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 10:39:22PM -0400, Russ Pavlicek wrote:
> I am trying to identify what learning materials we need to make Xen
> more approachable by new users.
> If you or someone in your organization tried to learn Xen in the past
> year or so, how did you do it?
> What pages did you use?
>  Documents?
>  Videos?
>  Slides?
>  Training?
>  Anything else?
> What material couldn't you find that you wished you could find?
> What material would have been more useful if it was more complete or
> more current?
> Thanks,
> Russ Pavlicek
> Xen Project Evangelist

One thing that I found was a bit of a stumbling block was bootloaders.
Granted, I was (and still am) running ArchLinux, so the archwiki was
where I looked to for the most help. However, if I search "grub" on the
xen wiki or google "xen grub", I can't easily find a clear instruction
page on how to make Xen behave with Grub. Seeing as Grub is probably the
most common bootloader, that should probably be addressed. In the case 
of Arch, (and maybe other distro packages), there is now a grub.d file
that auto-generates the necessary grub config lines. 

Also, I've seen a lot of chatter recently on UEFI. As I understad it (I
have not had the opportunity to play with it myself), it's a pretty
complex undertaking that is still being worked on. Some more
documentation on that would probably be of help, even if it's just a
warning that you're treading into potentially untested waters. 

I've also been thinking about doing a write-up on my current system for 
using LVM to make quick duplicates / snapshots of domains. It's fairly
simple, but concrete examples of how to do something seem more appealing
to newbies than more abstract / general documentation. 


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