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Re: [Xen-users] compile xen-api on arch linux

(Moving xen-users to BCC; please keep xapi development discussions on xen-api.)

On 13/06/13 04:09, jacek burghardt wrote:
Is there version of git repository that will compile on arch linux
I found this info

It would be great if you were to test building xapi on Arch. I don't expect it'll actually work right away, but getting it building and running would be a good start.

You should probably be using opam for this. opam is a package management tool for OCaml software that has good settings for developers. See http://www.ocamlpro.com/products/opam.html for instructions for installing opam.

Once you have opam running, add xen-org's opam-repo-dev by doing

$ opam remote add xen-org git://github.com/xen-org/opam-repo-dev.git

and do an 'opam update ; opam install xapi'. After that, if you're interested in development, you can clone the xen-api git repo and then pin the xapi package to this local source tree. Then you can test your patches by doing 'opam reinstall xapi'.

We're currently working on making xapi buildable from opam. Things are sort-of working, but they're changing rapidly, so expect breakages while working with the opam packages.


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