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Re: [Xen-users] Linux Fiber or iSCSI SAN

Hello Everyone,

I am speaking for everyone when saying that we are really interested in knowing what people are
using in deployment. This would be active/active replicated, block level storage solutions at the:

NAS Level: FreeNAS, OpenFiler (I know it's not linux), IET
FS Level: ZFS, OCFS/2, GFS/2, GlusterFS
Replication Level: DRBD vs GlusterFS
Cluster Level: OpenAIS with Pacemaker etc...

Our hope is for an educated breakdown (i.e., comparisons, benefits, limitation) of different setups, as opposed to
a war of words on which NAS solution is better than the other. Comparing black boxes would also be interesting
at a performance level. Talk about pricing, not so much since we already know that they cost and arm and a leg.

Kind Regards,

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