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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v5 00/10] x86emul: further work

Paul,On 24.03.2020 13:26, Jan Beulich wrote:
> Some of the later patches are still at least partly RFC, for
> varying reasons (see there). I'd appreciate though if at least
> some of the earlier ones could go in rather sooner than later.
> Patch 1 functionally (for the test harness) depends on
> "libx86/CPUID: fix (not just) leaf 7 processing", while at
> least patch 2 contextually depends on "x86emul: disable
> FPU/MMX/SIMD insn emulation when !HVM".
>  1: x86emul: support AVX512_BF16 insns

I should note that I also have a VP2INTERSECT patch ready, but the
just released SDE segfaults when trying to test it. I'll be holding
this back for some more time, I guess.

>  2: x86emul: support MOVDIRI insn
>  3: x86: determine HAVE_AS_* just once
>  4: x86: move back clang no integrated assembler tests
>  5: x86emul: support MOVDIR64B insn
>  6: x86emul: support ENQCMD insn
>  7: x86/HVM: scale MPERF values reported to guests (on AMD)
>  8: x86emul: support RDPRU
>  9: x86/HVM: don't needlessly intercept APERF/MPERF/TSC MSR reads
> 10: x86emul: support MCOMMIT

Paul, I should also note that I mistakenly Cc-ed your old Citrix
address. I'd like to avoid re-posting the series - do you perhaps
nevertheless get the xen-devel copies?




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