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Re: [Xen-devel] RT-Xen on ARM


On 27.09.17 16:57, Meng Xu wrote:
The command is:
java -jar carts.jar inputfile outputfile
From the next example, I would say the command is:
    java -jar carts.jar inputfile interface_type outputfile

An example command is:
java -jar carts.jar 1-1.10-in.xml MPR2 1-1.10-out.xml
Thanks a lot. It does work.

Could you please clarify a bit more points to me:
- As I understand the upstreamed rtds employs gEDF only. Is it correct? - Could you please provide an example input xml for CARTS described a system with 2 RT domains with 2 VCPUs each, running on a 2PCPUs, with gEDF scheduling at VMM level (for XEN based setup). For pEDF at both VMM and domain level, my understanding is that the os_scheduler represents XEN, and VCPUs are represented by components with tasks running on them. - I did not get a concept of min_period/max_period for a component/os_scheduler in CARTS description files. If I have them different, CARTS gives calculation for all periods in between, but did not provide the best period to get system schedulable.


*Andrii Anisov*

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