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Re: [Xen-devel] [Minios-devel] [Xen-API] [RFC] Unicore Subproject Proposal


Anil Madhavapeddy, on mer. 13 sept. 2017 11:11:03 +0100, wrote:
> Maintaining a forked MiniOS has been a multi-year source of a maintenance 
> burden for MirageOS,

I'm just wondering why this happened?

The mini-os repository is open for development, it's just a matter of
agreeing on how to implement features :)

> One requirement from our side is that we need to strip down MiniOS to remove 
> even the C xenstore implementation, since we have pure OCaml gnt, xenstore 
> and device driver implementations.

That could already be a build option in MiniOS.  It seems it actually
already is, via $(CONFIG_XENBUS)=n.

If launching UniCore allows to get momentum to achieve that, I'm all for
it, I'm just wondering whether the problem is not actually about putting
a name on it, but just discussing here what is needed, and see how to
implement it all within the same repository. But again, I understand
that putting a name can trigger that discussion and be a "let's do it!"
message :)


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