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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v3 3/8] xen: delay allocation of grant table sub structures

On 06/09/17 17:32, Wei Liu wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 06, 2017 at 05:15:46PM +0200, Juergen Gross wrote:
>>>> +grant_table_init(struct domain *d)
>>>> +{
>>>> +    struct grant_table *gt = d->grant_table;
>>>> +    unsigned int i, j;
>>>> +
>>>> +    if ( gt->nr_grant_frames )
>>>> +        return 0;
>>>> +
>>> EBUSY here? I think we should catch the cases when this is called
>>> multiple times.
>> No. The call of grant_table_init() from
>> domain_unpause_by_systemcontroller() can't be masked, otherwise I
>> would have to make struct grant_table public again. Multiple calls
>> are okay.
> For domain_unpause_by_systemcontroller, isn't it already guarded by
> d->creation_finished to ensure there is only one call to
> grant_table_init?
> Or do you mean if gnttab_table_init fails the system administrator will
> somehow tries to unpause the domain again hence calling grant_table_init
> again?

No. It might have been called already due to e.g. gnttab_setup_table()
being called as a result of xc_dom_gnttab_seed() during creation of the
domU. The call from domain_unpause_by_systemcontroller() is just a
safety net for cases where gnttab_setup_table() wasn't used (e.g. in
case of a xenstore stubdom).


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