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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen 4.10 Development Update

>>> On 21.08.17 at 12:07, <julien.grall@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> *  Completion of the x86 insn emulator (as far as possible)
>   -  XEN-46
>   -  Jan Beulich

Patches for the next step have been pending unreviewed for
exactly 2 months. Considering how much review of new
functionality patches by various people I've been doing during
that period of time (not to speak of how much more is waiting
to be reviewed), I find it really unacceptable that such a series
is bottlenecked by having to wait for a single person (Andrew) to
review it. I can fully understand that he has no time to look
through this (non-trivial) series. Others should finally start
stepping up (and not just for pieces where review is easy and can
be done in a few minutes). Otherwise I may find myself forced to
stop reviewing any new functionality patches contributed by
people not otherwise participating in development in meaningful
ways (which would dramatically shrink my to-be-reviewed queue).

I did bring up in the past the theoretically possible model of
contributors having to build up credit for submitting new
functionality patches. Looking at the patch submission rate I
think this needs to be considered seriously, despite its very
obvious drawbacks.


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