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Re: [Xen-devel] RT-Xen on ARM

On 18.08.17 23:43, Meng Xu wrote:
Sure. The workload we used in the paper is mainly the cpu-intensive task.
We first calibrate a busy-loop of multiplications that runs for 1ms.
Then for a task that executes for exe(ms), we simply let the task
execute the 1ms busy loop for exe times.
I'm a bit confused, why didn't you ran the system with rtspin from LITMUS-RT, any issues with it? BTW, I've found set experimental patches (scripts and functional changes) on your github: https://github.com/PennPanda/liblitmus .
Are they related to the mentioned document [1]?

[1] https://www.cis.upenn.edu/~linhphan/papers/emsoft14-rt-xen.pdf


*Andrii Anisov*

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