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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH OSSTEST 04/11] TestSupport: introduce set_host_prop

Roger Pau Monne writes ("Re: [PATCH OSSTEST 04/11] TestSupport: introduce 
> After reading README osstest doesn't seem to have any limitation on
> the characters that can be used for host idents, would you be fine
> with me modifying it to add that '-' cannot be used in host idents,
> and then storing the putative host properties using the following
> runvar format:
> hostprops-<ident>-<prop>=<value>

Existing runvars use `_' so we have the choice of using a new
structured name delimiter, or massaging the ident.  I think using a
new delimiter is fine, but we should plan to have one new delimiter
for all future uses.

If we are going to have runvars which have a different delimiter than
`_', I think we should probabaly not choose `-'; the chance is too
high that this will be used somewhere else.

Indeed, we currently already have runvars `diversehosts_xtf-x86'
and `one.guest.osstest_tcpcheckport' in the history.

I did this
   select * from runvars where name ~* '[^-._0-9a-z]';
and got hits only in play flights containing things which are
obviously garbage generated by broken flight construction tools.

So we can choose any delimter except those.  I suggest `/' ?
I think if we are trying to encode pathnames in runvar names,
we are doing something wrong.

> Then I will remove the host parameter to the ts-save-props... script
> and call selecthost on every ident found in the runvars. This is going
> to generate some noise on the log I guess, but it should be fine.



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