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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH OSSTEST 04/11] TestSupport: introduce set_host_prop

Roger Pau Monne writes ("Re: [PATCH OSSTEST 04/11] TestSupport: introduce 
> IMHO, I think the right approach is to leave mg-hosts as it is now,


> and implement a set_property in HostDB/{Executive/Static}.pm and
> implement a helper in TestSupport that makes use of it
> ($mhostdb->set_property(...)), do you agree?

TBH, since this is only being called in the one
ts-set-host-properties-from-runvars script (or whatever you're calling
it), I think you can use $mjobdb-> directly.  That's not too bad a
layer violation.

I think your runvars should probably be named after the ident, not the
hostname.  That may involve rethinking your encoding, since idents can
contain _ (hostnames can contain - but not _).


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