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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen checkpatch infrastructure design

Hello, Juergen

> How does this work for a patch which is perfectly fine, while not
> touched parts of the patched file are not? The tool should only
> look at the added lines, not at those left unmodified.

The tool looks at touched lines only since it works with unified diff and parse it.
As for other files it could be done with additional parameter "/path" and format all containing files
according to STYLES file.

> How would it work for two files located in the same directory but of
> different coding styles, both touched by the same patch?

I suppose it should be mentioned in STYLES file like:
 xen   ./xen
 linux ./xen/common/radix-tree.c
 libxl ./xen/common/other-file.c

After diff is parsed we got a list of touched files so, just check for style to apply.

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