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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v7 00/20] osstest: initial FreeBSD support


Note that this thread only contains the patches that need an ack or
have been modified in some way between v6 and v7. This is done in
order to prevent spamming the list with already acked patches for such
long series. The full series can be found at:

git://xenbits.xen.org/people/royger/osstest.git freebsd_v7

This includes Ian's mg-anoint series.

The procedure to enable this in production mode (ie: on the mass
osstest instance) is as follows:

1. Make the memdisk binary available from the tftp path. This is
   described in patch 5.

2. Pick the output from a previous FreeBSD build and make it available
   to the osstest controller. I'm currently running a flight that
   should create a suitable installer for the mass osstest instance
   (should contain the right ssh authorized keys). Taking the output
   of flight 71726 as an example, the contents of the build folder [0]
   should be copied to the osstest controller. The following path
   hierarchy should be used:


   [watch this space for the path to the new images]

3. The path in FREEBSD_DIST described above should be set on the
   environment, together with FREEBSD_VERSION:

      export FREEBSD_VERSION=12

4. Run cr-daily-branch to create the first build output:

      ./cr-daily-branch freebsd-master

5. Prepare and anoint the first build (provided the previous step 4.
   is successful):

   ./mg-anoint prepare 'freebsd build master amd64' 'FreeBSD HEAD amd64 builds'
   ./mg-anoint anoint --allow-blessed=play 'freebsd build master amd64' $flight 


Thanks, Roger.


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