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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v4 16/16] osstest: hook FreeBSD flight into cr-daily-branch

Roger Pau Monne writes ("[PATCH v4 16/16] osstest: hook FreeBSD flight into 
> Add the missing pieces so that cr-daily-branch knows how to create a
> FreeBSD flight. This has been tested by calling `./cr-daily-branch
> freebsd`.
> Note that there are two missing pieces. The first one is correctly
> setting the FREEBSD_BUILDJOB environment variable when calling
> make-freebsd-flight, without it the installer media will always be
> picked from the configuration file. This requires keeping track of
> previous FreeBSD successful build jobs, marking them as permanent and
> fetching them from the database in order to pass them on the env
> variable.

I promised to help you with this.

> The second missing bit is setting daily-cron-email-freebsd to send
> emails to the xen-devel mailing list, ATM it's only sending emails to
> my personal @FreeBSD.org address (this has been done for testing
> purposes).



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