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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen Community Call 21/06/17 meeting minutes

Hello Julien

Thanks for the update, I am sorry I had to miss this call due to travel...

Indeed, support for debug console on R-Car is still not in the mainline yet, 
patch was published some long time ago and never finalized. Andrii Anisov will 
send an updated version soon for upstream.

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Subject: Xen Community Call 21/06/17 meeting minutes

Hi all,

Sorry, I forgot to write the list of attendees. I only wrote down the company 
name. Feel free to forward the e-mail to any people interested.

During the previous community call, we discussed about potential 
embedded/automative boards. Stefano Stabellini brought up 3 names:

- Renases R-Car
- Qualcomm Snapdragon 820

He requested feedback from the attendees.

* Renesas R-Car *

There are a page on Xen wiki how on to use Xen on the Salvator-X:


EPAM is looking at supporting the IPMMU-VMSA in Xen:


The support of the IOMMU require to unshare the page tables between the 
processor and IOMMU because the descriptors are incompatibles.

It was mentioned there are missing patches in Xen to support the serial 
console. I am wasn't able to find which one. Can someone give a pointer to any 
missing patches for the R-Car?

* IMX.8 *

Dornerworks is working on a support for Xen. Work is been done in private at 
the moment.

Issue with the current SMMU drivers has been discussed, such as StreamIDs 
shared between multiple devices.

Most of the devices can be passthrough-ed but graphics cards at the moment.

* Snapdragon 820 *

No one on the call used it. Feedbacks are requested from the community.


Julien Grall

Julien Grall

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