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[Xen-devel] [Xen-devel[PATCH Resend v2] xen: common: rbtree: ported updates from linux tree

Hi All,

The patch imports the changes and updates of the rbtree implementaiton
from Linux tree. But since, the only current implementation is with tmem.c,
which am not much aware off much and therefore, was unable to test the changes
thoroughly. Having said that, I do have plans of adding futher code changes
which will be using rb-tree more in credit2 scheduler and that will help in
further testing the same.

I have not imported augmented and rcu rbtree functionality to the xen tree,
as there was no specific requirement for current planned implementation.

Please share your inputs. Thanks in advance.

From Praveen Kumar <kpraveen.lkml@xxxxxxxxx> # This line is ignored.
From: Praveen Kumar <kpraveen.lkml@xxxxxxxxx>

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