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Re: [Xen-devel] xen-evtchn: Bind dyn evtchn:qemu-dm interrupt to next online CPU

On 16/05/17 20:02, Boris Ostrovsky wrote:

Hi Boris,

Sorry for the delay, I was out traveling.

          rc = evtchn_bind_to_user(u, bind_interdomain.local_port);
-        if (rc == 0)
+        if (rc == 0) {
              rc = bind_interdomain.local_port;
+            selected_cpu = cpumask_next(selected_cpu, cpu_online_mask);
+            if (selected_cpu >= nr_cpu_ids)
+                selected_cpu = cpumask_first(cpu_online_mask);
+            xen_rebind_evtchn_to_cpu(rc, selected_cpu);
Can you do proper assignment *instead of* binding to CPU0 as opposed to
rebinding the event channel later? Otherwise you are making an extra

If I understood the code correctly, EVTCHNOP_bind_interdomain doesn't support sending in VCPU number, so I think we would require two hypercalls one for binding interdomain eventchn (EVTCHNOP_bind_interdomain) and another for binding it to a VCPU (EVTCHNOP_bind_vcpu). We can create EVTCHNOP_bind_interdomain_V2 sub-op, which can take in VCPU id, if we want to avoid making multiple hypercalls.

You also probably want to look at current IRQ affinity mask instead of

Do we need to look at IRQ affinity mask, if we are going to bind eventchannel to smp_processor_id(). If we definitely need to use IRQ affinity then binding to smp_processor_id() might not be the correct approach.


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