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[Xen-devel] Added 5 additional Design sessions to Developer Summit Schedule

Hi everyone,

I added the following sessions to the Design Part of the Summit: you can see 
them via 
 (just showing Design sessions)

Please also make use of the "Add to my Sched(ule)" feature in 
https://xendeveloperanddesignsummit2017.sched.com: this will help me identify 
scheduling conflicts *before* the event and will make the event smoother: in 
other words we can make scheduling decisions using real data, before the event.

Added Sessions:

July 12
Design Discussion: Intel New QoS (RDT) Features - Yi Sun, Intel 
Design Discussion: SGX virtualization - Kai Huang, Intel

Design Discussion: Support for 5-level paging (including support for PV-guests) 
- Yi Liu, Intel & Jürgen Groß, SUSE 
Note: We merged a proposal from Yi and Jürgen. If we need more time, we can add 
another session on the 13th

July 13
Design Discussion: Shared Virtual Memory Virtualization Implementation on Xen - 
Yi Liu, Intel

Best Regards
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