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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] tools: make flask utils build unconditional

On 1/5/16 10:13 AM, Wei Liu wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 05, 2016 at 03:36:21PM +0000, Ian Campbell wrote:
>> On Tue, 2016-01-05 at 14:37 +0000, Ian Campbell wrote:
>>> which on the basis of this discussion I wasn't expecting. I didn't see this
>>> new file on i686 or ARM*.
>>> My baseline is from the last time I committed, which would be last year, so
>>> maybe something other than my current batch of patches has caused this.
>>> I'm going to drop this one for now and (hopefully) get the rest of the
>>> batch squared away. Afterwards I'll take another look (with a new baseline
>>> filelist), but if someone can explain it in the meantime that would be
>>> super.
>> So with a fresh basline I still see:
>> --- ../FILE_LIST.BASE.staging.x86_64    2016-01-05 14:50:32.000000000 +0000
>> +++ ../FILE_LIST.staging.x86_64 2016-01-05 15:11:15.000000000 +0000
>> @@ -6,6 +6,7 @@
>>  dist/install/boot/xen-4.7-unstable.gz
>>  dist/install/boot/xen-4.gz
>>  dist/install/boot/xen.gz
>> +dist/install/boot/xenpolicy-4.7-unstable
>>  dist/install/etc
>>  dist/install/etc/bash_completion.d
>>  dist/install/etc/bash_completion.d/xl.sh
>> @@ -386,6 +387,12 @@
>>  dist/install/usr/local/lib/xen/libexec
>>  dist/install/usr/local/lib/xen/libexec/qemu-bridge-helper
>>  dist/install/usr/local/sbin
>> +dist/install/usr/local/sbin/flask-get-bool
>> +dist/install/usr/local/sbin/flask-getenforce
>> +dist/install/usr/local/sbin/flask-label-pci
>> +dist/install/usr/local/sbin/flask-loadpolicy
>> +dist/install/usr/local/sbin/flask-set-bool
>> +dist/install/usr/local/sbin/flask-setenforce
>>  dist/install/usr/local/sbin/gdbsx
>>  dist/install/usr/local/sbin/gtracestat
>>  dist/install/usr/local/sbin/gtraceview
>> *** FILES DIFFER ***
>> On i686 and ARM* I only see the (expected) second hunk.
>> I think the i686 case is explainable by the lack of a hypervisor build
>> there, but I'm unsure why ARM* and x86_64 should differ in this regard.
>> config/Tools.mk is y only on x86_64, not on the others, which obviously
>> explains things, but the question is why only on x86_64 (I presume this has
>> always been the case and it was previously masked, but I've not checked).
>> Ah, OK, I misread
>> AX_ARG_DEFAULT_ENABLE([xsmpolicy], [Disable XSM policy compilation])
>> as being default disable, actually the default is "enabled iff checkpolicy
>> is installed" and it happens to be that it is only installed in my x86_64
>> build env.
>> So, in the end I think Wei was correct and this change will now, in some
>> circumstances, end up installing a /boot/xenpolicy-*.
> I don't think it is related to this patch. I see an xenpoilcy file
> without this patch applied. As you said it only depends on availability
> of checkpolicy (part of generic SELinux utils, not the ones we build).
> That said, let me try to answer the following question.
>> So the question is do we mind that?
> We might or might not. See below.
> I once submitted a patch to grub that look into /boot and generate XSM
> entries if there is policy file. The patch is not yet merged though.
> Since there is no way at the moment to tell if xen.gz has flask enabled,
> my not yet upstreamed patch only matches the version number of xen.gz and
> xenpolicy. Installing xenpolicy when xen.gz is not flaks-capable will
> make grub generate an XSM entry nonetheless, which makes no sense.
> Of course all the above is based on the theory that my grub patch is
> going to be upstreamed.
> Things have changed since I first submitted that patch. Doug's Kconfig
> work is good. With .config installed in suitable location we can make
> grub grep for flask information in config, hence avoiding generating
> wrong entries.  I think this is better solution as we don't need to use
> version number to match xen.gz and xenpolicy. If we go down this route
> we don't mind having random xenpolicy lying around in /boot.

So I submitted a patch to put the .config in /boot to have the ability
to do this. I figured it needed to be in /boot because that's how the
existing 20_linux_xen but there's some disagreement on the location. If
we can resolve that I'll happily update the 20_linux_xen patch as well.


> We just need to reach an agreement on how to proceed. I would vote for
> the second solution.
> Wei.
>> Ian.

Doug Goldstein

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