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Re: [Xen-devel] Can Xen Project Hypervisor work in Xenserver?

On 26/02/15 15:06, D'Mita Levy wrote:

Assuming one builds the Xen hypervisor avaialable from the http://www.xenproject.org/ respository and then uses it to replace the hypervisor in the Citrix Xenserver /boot directory - will this work. Rather, is it possible to build and mondify the xenproject hypervisor and use it to replace the Citrix Xenserver or would one have to get the code for Xenserver and compile that instead?

A plain Xenproject hypervisor will not work under XenServer.

However, XenServer is open source and available from https://github.com/xenserver/

You will find that the hypervisor and tools in use is not too different from upstream Xen.

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