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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC] native python Xenstore module

On 24/02/15 16:41, Ian Campbell wrote:
Are/were you aware ofhttps://pypi.python.org/pypi/pyxs  which sounds
like something similar, judging from its blurb alone?

No, I wasn't. It certainly looks a more solid implementation than mine.

https://launchpad.net/pyxenstore/  might be too, although I don't know if
that one is pure python.

This looks to be just a higher level C to python interface than xen.lowlevel.xs.

Anyhow is your intention to have this added to the xen.git tree, perhaps
even replacing tools/python/xen/lowlevel/xs/ or just to gather feedback
on some code destined for an external project?
I was interested in feedback about having implementations such as these more easily consumed by guest distros. At present using something linked against libxenstore.so requires Xen tools to have been built (obviously). If there are already serviceable implementations available (which it appears there is) then the best policy is probably to encourage distros to package and include them.

Personally I don't see a problem with including it in tree, replacing
xen.lowlevel.xs might require thinking a little about API compatibility,
which might be a pain...
pyxs even has a compat interface.


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