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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC] Tweaking the release process for Xen 4.6

On Tue, 2015-02-10 at 15:04 +0000, Wei Liu wrote:

Not much to add... a couple of comments.

> Counting from the point that we forked the tree, it took ~11 months to
> ship 4.5. The time spent on development was 7 months (Feb 21 to Sept
> 24), and the time spent on freeze was ~4 months (Sept 24 to Jan 6).
> The good thing was that code quality was ensured, the downside was that
> such long freeze 

FWIW I was really starting to feel like the freeze had gone on forever
by the end of it, and was feeling like there had been stuff which was
pushed on at the end of the summer which had now been sitting in limbo
for far too long.

> With the above proposal in mind, here is my proposed time frame for
> Xen 4.6 release:
>   Development start: 6  Jan 2015
>   Feature freeze:    10 Jul 2015
>   Release date:      9  Oct 2015 (could release earlier)

This is 6 months of dev + 3 of freeze, for 9 months in total.

> Note that the release date is not a goal. It is more like a deadline
> we try to keep up with. We might be well able to release earlier if
> everything is in good shape.

In fact I think we could reasonably aim for a two month freeze (~6 rcs)
and pencil in the third month as potential slippage time which we don't
plan to use.

> Any thought on this tweaked process? Comments are welcome.
> Wei.
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