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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v18 00/16] x86/PMU: Xen PMU PV(H) support

On 17/02/15 17:38, Boris Ostrovsky wrote:
> On 02/17/2015 10:13 AM, Andrew Cooper wrote:
>> On 16/02/15 22:26, Boris Ostrovsky wrote:
>>> Changes in v18:
>>> * Return 1 (i.e. "handled") in vpmu_do_interrupt() if PMU_CACHED is
>>>    set. This is needed since we can get an interrupt while this flag is
>>>    set on AMD processors when multiple counters are in use (**) (AMD
>>>    processor don't mask LVTPC when PMC interrupt happens and so there
>>>    is a window in vpmu_do_interrupt() until it sets the mask
>>>    bit). Patch #14
>>> * Unload both current and last_vcpu (if different) vpmu and clear
>>>    this_cpu(last_vcpu) in vpmu_unload_all. Patch #5
>>> * Make major version check for certain xenpmu_ops. Patch #5
>>> * Make xenpmu_op()'s first argument unsigned. Patch #5
>>> * Don't use format specifier for __stringify(). Patch #6
>>> * Don't print generic error in vpmu_init(). Patch #6
>>> * Don't test for VPMU existance in vpmu_initialise(). New patch #15
>>> * Added vpmu_disabled flag to make sure VPMU doesn't get reenabled from
>>>    dom0 (for example when watchdog is active). Patch #5
>>> * Updated tags on some patches to better reflect latest reviewed
>>> status)
>>> (**) While testing this I discovered that AMD VPMU is quite broken for
>>> HVM: when multiple counters are in use linux dom0 often gets
>>> unexpected NMIs. This may have something to do with what I mentioned
>>> in the first bullet. However, this doesn't appear to be related to
>>> this patch series (or earlier VPMU patches) --- I can reproduce this
>>> all the way back to 4.1
>> Do you have a public git tree with this in?
> Sigh.. no. I tried setting it up on our public site but failed miserably.
> I can try again if this would be helpful (you'll need Linux changes as
> well).
> -boris

You could see about getting an account on xenbits.  There is some formal
way of requesting an account but I can't currently spot where the
instructions are.

(I was just looking to see whether there was an easy way of getting at
the series, as pulling it out of emails is moderately difficult.  I can
cope without.)


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