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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH RFC 00/20] Change parts of the shadow interface to be domain based


Thanks for this; I think the code looks a lot saner with all the
vcpu<->domain fiddling removed. :)

At 17:15 +0000 on 12 Feb (1423757759), Andrew Cooper wrote:
> The purpose of this series is to prevent toolstack entry points into the
> shadow code from passing d->vcpu[0] for actions which are inherenly domain
> wide.  It also fixes the fact that shadow heuristics were being applied to
> vcpu 0 for toolstack-initiated actions.
> This series is composed mostly of mechanical changes.  The only patches which
> have a practical difference on shadow execution are patches 4 and 20

So having read the series, you can add my Reviewed-by: to all except 4
and 20.  20 looks probably OK but I want to give it a second pass.  4
definitely needs some thought -- in particular v == current is not the
same as d == current->domain.  I wonder if there's some better test;
maybe also checking that current is in the right mode will help.  Let
me think about it and I'll review again later in the week.  I'll want
to have a look at the remaining users of the vcpu variant hash_foreach
as well.



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