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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH OSSTEST 01/12] Add support of parsing grub which has 'submenu' primitive

Wei Liu writes ("Re: [PATCH OSSTEST 01/12] Add support of parsing grub which 
has 'submenu' primitive"):
> On Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 02:01:59AM +0000, Hu, Robert wrote:
> > Yes, this minor change just get 'parsemenu' subroutine capability of 
> > recognizing 'submenu'.
> > The outer layer logic isn't affected.
> > Actually, the Xen boot menuentry we choose, is inside a submenu. It works 
> > and /etc/default/grub
> > is assigned properly.


> In any case this is a very useful improvement.

Yes, indeed!

> Out of interest what Linux are you running?  If you're running Debian
> and the overlay 20_linux_xen (inside $OSSTEST/overlay/etc/etc/grub.d) is
> copied to your test host, there shouldn't be any submenu entries in your
> grub.cfg, I think.

I consider that a workaround (and I think so do you).

So I think subject to the (rather daft) argument we are having over
whitespace this is a really useful patch.

> > > Can you please not adjust the whitespace ?  osstest in general doesn't
> > > have a requirement for any particular whitespace use, and certainly if
> > > there are to be any whitespace changes they ought to be in a separate
> > > patch.
> >
> > I adjust those because some one in last version's reply told us that
> > osstest prefers white space substitution to tab,

I'm sorry that we seem to be having a disagreement over this.  That's
not very helpful for you, I realise!

I hope that whoever made those comments would agree that whitespace
cleanups should at least be in a separate patch.  So please when you
resubmit can you split them out ?

I can't seem to find the email you refer to.  Do you happen to be able
to give me a reference ?

> > and traditionally 4 white space of 1 tab. (This align with my
> > previous coding experience as well)

4-character tabs are quite unusual in the Free Software world.  8 is

> > And I indeed find that this hunk of code doesn't looks well in my editor.
> > Its unalignment increases difficulty of reading.

Since evidently this is annoying to you I won't stand in the way of
your effort to clean this up, even though I don't much care about it.
So if you submit this as a separate patch I won't block it.

But maybe simply configuring your editor to use 8-character tabs will
fix the problem for you ?  That would be less work than preparing
whitespace adjustment patches.


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