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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH OSSTEST 05/12] Add and expose some testsupport APIs

Robert Ho writes ("[PATCH OSSTEST 05/12] Add and expose some testsupport APIs"):
> When install L2 guest, we will need to invoke
>  'select_ether' to get guest MAC address. So here expose select_ether().

I'm not sure whether you actually need to do this.  I will look at the
rest of your series to see why prepareguest() isn't suitable.  But
this part of the patch is fine in principle.

> And

These seem like two indepenedent patches.  They should be split up.

>  also, we added another function 'guest_editconfig_cd' and expose it.
>   This function bascically changes guest boot device sequence and
>  alter its on_reboot behavior to restart.

I don't understand why guest_editconfig_nocd isn't sufficient.


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