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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH OSSTEST 06/12] Manipulate $ho IP assignment for nest L2 situation

Robert Ho writes ("[PATCH OSSTEST 06/12] Manipulate $ho IP assignment for nest 
L2 situation"):
>  In L2 installation context, its host (L1) IP address is not queried
> from DNS, but from previous step of L1 installation, in which, L1 IP
> is stored in run var.

> -    $ho->{IpStatic} = get_host_property($ho,'ip-addr');
> +    if ($name eq 'nested') {

This is definitely the wrong test.

It would be easier to read this series if you introduced the framework
first, and then applied all the specific differences afterwards.

Instead of keying off $name I think you probably need to make a
variant of selecthost that takes an existing guest ($gho) and converts
it into a useable host ($ho).

It would probably be necessary to split out the bulk of the existing
selecthost into a core function.

I think you also want a general way to specify how the L1's host
properties are set.


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