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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] docs: create reproducible html

Olaf Hering writes ("Re: [PATCH] docs: create reproducible html"):
> On Mon, Feb 02, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > What do you think ?
> Thats overkill. The maintainers of make removed the internal sort with
> 3.82, likely for performance reasons. Sorted lists are required only in
> a few places. The Xen source has only two or three places where the sort
> is actually required. I have patches for all of them.

There aren't any places in the Xen build system where the performance
impact of sorting is relevant.

So we should be going with whatever is easiest to understand and

A rule that $(wildcard ) in Makefiles should always be accompanied by
$(sort ) is simple, clear, easy to understand, and directly addresses
the unpredictability at source.

Personally I think that make(1) should have an option or env variable
or something to make $(wildcard ) always sort.


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