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Re: [Xen-devel] xen4.5 dom0pvh test failed


El 27/01/15 a les 11.35, Yuzhou (C) ha escrit:
> Hi Roger,
>       Thanks.
>       I only have the Linux kernel config (in the attachment), can not find 
> any useful boot log up to now. 

You need to setup a serial console in order to provide the boot log. The
following wiki page should contain all the information needed in order
to set it up:


>       And I also seen a problem: If I only add dom0pvh=1 (not specify 
> dom0_mem), error occurs in booting xen.
>       I have two other questions:
> (1) for dom0pvh this feature, xen 4.5 have to go with linux kernel 3.18???

No, but the Xen PVH ABI is still not set in stone, so backwards/forwards
compatibility is not guaranteed. Either 3.17 or 3.18 should work fine.

> (2)for dom0pvh this feature, have you any reports about Performance 
> improvements? 

I don't have any performance figures yet. PVH is very experimental and
the focus right now is to make it stable and implement the missing features.


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