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Re: [Xen-devel] frame buffer shared by domains on arch arm linux

Please don't drop the mailing list from CC.

On Tue, 27 Jan 2015, Mao Mingy wrote:
> When I tried to set up the network in Dom0 using command:
>     xl network-attach 1

xl network-attach is not to setup the network in dom0.
Please use "man xl"!

network-attach domain-id network-device
    Creates a new network device in the domain specified by domain-id.  
network-device describes
    the device to attach, using the same format as the vif string in the domain 
config file. See
    xl.cfg and 
for more

> I got the following error message:
>     libxl: error: libxl_exec.c:118:libxl_report_child_exitstatus:
> /etc/xen/scripts/vif-bridge online [-1] exited with error status 1
>     libxl: error: libxl_device.c:1078:device_hotplug_child_death_cb: script:
> Could not find bridge device xenbr0
>     libxl: error: libxl.c:1915:device_addrm_aocomplete: unable to add vif with
> id 0
>     libxl_device_nic_add failed.
> In my Dom0 the "/sys/devices/virtual/net/xenbr0" is NOT setup at all.
> What could be the reason? I have
> in Dom0's kernel config, Do I still miss something?
> Regards,
> Mao Mingya
> On 26/01/2015 18:53, Stefano Stabellini wrote:
> > Backends in Linux are: network and block
> > drivers/block/xen-blkback
> > drivers/net/xen-netback
> > 
> > Backends in QEMU are: block, console, framebuffer, mouse & keyboard
> > hw/block/xen_disk.c
> > hw/char/xen_console.c
> > hw/display/xenfb.c
> > 

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