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[Xen-devel] Question about kernel config for Dom0

Hi, all:
     I want to compile the Dom0 based on Linux 3.17.4 kernel, and make sure all of that the necessary config options for supporting Dom0 on official wiki ([1]) enabled. However, if I test the "network forwarding" performance for Dom0 using traffic generator, I find that the performance is significant poor, especially compare to SUSE 12 Dom0 (whose kernel is 3.12.28). 
    I know that SUSE has merged some additional patches to mainline kernel, however, I am wondering if there are some kernel config options I have enabled or missed influence the performance. 
    My config file for Dom0 is on [2], and the diff file compared to SUSE 12 is on [3]. Could somebody can help to give some advice about it?  Thanks.

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