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Re: [Xen-devel] Verifying scalability limits for Xen 4.5

>>> Lars Kurth <lars.kurth.xen@xxxxxxxxx> 01/06/15 6:07 PM >>>
>can you please let me know which one are correct? I know there where changes 
>to ARM, but the feature list is a little vague >1TB
>Host x86.Physical CPUs=4095
>Host x86.Physical RAM=16TB
>Guest x86.Virtual CPUs=512

PV (and there it's an arbitrary limit, not one imposed by interface or 
implementation restrictions); HVM continues to be limited to 128.

>Guest x86.Virtual RAM=512GB
>@Jan, you mentioned before Xmas there were some optimisations but it wasn't 
>clear to me whether the limits changed

No, none of the limits changed. It's just that with certain OSes we can get 
closer to the (theoretical) vCPU limit now.


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