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[Xen-devel] Significant network performance difference when different NIC MQ handles the packet

Hi, all:

        I have used pkt-gen to send udp packet (1400 bytes) from one Dom0 A to 
another Dom0 B each of which is connected by 10GE network. On the receive side 
(B),different "ksoftirqd/x" processes will handle the packet during each 
testing because the nic has multiple queues. I find that if "ksoftirqd/0" 
handles the packet, the throughout can reach to about 7Gbps. However, when 
"ksoftirqd/2" handles the packet, the throughout can only reach to about 2Gbps, 
and for "ksoftirqd/3", the throughout can even as low as 1Gbps.

        I am wondering what the reason it is. Could anyone give me some hint 
about it ?

zhangleiqiang (Trump)

Best Regards

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