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Re: [Xen-devel] [v8][PATCH 04/17] update the existing hypercall to support XEN_DOMCTL_set_rdm

On 2014/12/19 0:13, Tim Deegan wrote:
Hi Kevin,

At 14:09 +0100 on 11 Dec (1418303386), Tim Deegan wrote:
At 02:03 +0000 on 11 Dec (1418259797), Tian, Kevin wrote:
From: Tim Deegan [mailto:tim@xxxxxxx]
Now since the code's not going to be in 4.5 anyway, it should be
possible to _develop_ it in this manner, possibly in a private branch,
even if the early stages aren't getting applied immediately.  We
should be able to set up an rmrr branch on the public servers if that
helps.  But again, that relies on having a design worked out in
advance that both developers and maintainers are (within reason)
committed to.

that's a good suggestion. We'll send out a design review today, and then
based on discussion we can see whether making sense to do such
incremental way.

Sounds good!

I haven't seen this design doc yet -- if I missed it can someone point
me to it?


Its still reviewed/discussed internally but it will come soon.


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